Sharad Pawar's Logical Counter To Modi

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Earlier, PM Modi defined NCP Party as Natural Corrupted Party. Modi criticized NCP while he was a PM contestant. While campaigning for the party, he said that NCP is the most corrupt party.

Modi Became PM. While the NCP Party lost the elections with a huge margin. After few days, President of the NCP Party Sarad Pawar was awarded Padma Bhushan by the BJP party. It is the highest civilian award after 'Bharata Ratna'. Everyone was shocked by this decision. The person who was termed as the most corrupt was awarded the second-highest civilian award by the same party. This shows the dual nature of Modi.

Now Maha Rashtra is getting ready for the Assembly elections. Now Modi started criticizing Sharad Pawar again. He even termed Pawar as a traitor. He said that he is a supporter of Pakistan. Pawar responded to this brilliantly

He countered that "the Modi Government awarded Padma Bhushan to the same traitor" He fired on Modi for calling him a traitor. He questioned, how come they awarded me with Padma Bushan if I am a traitor. Do the Saffron leaders have an answer for this.
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