"Preeti" From Arjun Reddy Finds A Jackpot!

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Shalini Pandey from two years has been waiting for her luck to shine on her stars and make her a popular actress.

But Vijay Devarakonda was able to use the name from Arjun Reddy to become a big popular youth actor across India but his market is still not at that point where we can say he has arrived as a huge star.

Now, Shalini landed a deal from Yashraj Films who are the biggest studio in Indian Cinema right now.

They have major influence across distribution, making and promoting, marketing industries in India, mainly in North India.

Vaani Kapoor doesn't have a career outside YRF but she is cast in their big films and she seems to be doing well.

Shalini if she can impress in anyone of three films she signed for YRF, she will be a star in Indian Cinema, for sure. We wish our Preeti, all the luck and best regards.

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