Shalini Pandey Neglects South Films!

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South Indian films have been nurturing grounds for many actresses from different languages. They find success in Telugu and Tamil films, then try to make it big in Bollywood.

Some stay loyal to the roots but some just don't care. Shalini Pandey is doing the same. At least as per the complaint lodged against her.

She had to complete Tamil film and Telugu film first and then join Hindi film with Ranveer Singh. But she is not adhering to the contracts.

After she got selected to play lead opposite Ranveer Singh in Jayeshbhai Jordaar, she gave all the dates to the film by Yash Raj Films and hasn't answered to South producers.

Even her manager is helpless in this matter says the people who complained. Both the production houses have lodged complaint in Chamber of Commerce and if the actress doesn't find out a way to solve the issue, she may face legal consequences.

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