Series Of Premieres Prior To The Release For Raj Tarun Next!

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Young hero Raj Tarun is in dire need of a hit to protect his career. At this juncture, his upcoming flick, 'Iddari Lokam Okkate' is releasing on Christmas. Producer Dil Raju planned a unique strategy to promote this film.

He is showing the film to students five days before the release. He screened this film to college students in Hyderabad and get their feedback. Not stopping there, he is going to show the film to college students in Nellore, Vizag and three other major cities. As this is a pure love story, getting positive talk prior to the release will help the film a lot.

But it has its negatives as if the film fails to impress them, it may not even get decent revenues. The negative talk may affect the film badly and there is a possibility of some mavericks recording it and releasing it directly on the internet.

So, we need to see if Dil Raju's strategy works out or not.
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