Senior and accident prone actor's license revoked

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Senior actor, Dr. Rajasekhar has been an easy accident prone driver in recent times. He reportedly drives at a faster speed than usual and has an eye sight issue.

But the actor has been driving casually from long distances and that became dangerous for him and his family too.

The actor was involved in three accidents within the space of 14 months and in one case, people complained that he drunk and drive.

He explained that he has no habit if driving after taking alcohol and that he did not see the vehicles while reversing at a speed. He apologised and asked the victims to complain against him. The case was sorted out by police.

Post that he was involved in another major accident, where he hit a lorry which was parked on highway. No damages were reported and case was settled outside the court.

Recently, he was involved in third major accident where he almost lost his life. His car at high speed hit a divider on the road and the car was damaged to the maximum. He escaped injuries with minor concussion due to airbags.

After this recent accident, where he almost lost his life, the RTO Hyderabad, decided to revoke his license. He can re-apply and get the license only after proving that he is fit to drive and he will be under probation for at least two to three years.

For now, the actor's family is happy that his license has been revoked and they have already decided to not let him drive, after the accident, it seems.
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