Senior Directors Say F2 Did Magic Without Logic!

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K. Raghavendra Rao and SV Krishna Reddy became the only super hit masters of 90's for EVV to stand toe to toe them a little later.

The three believed in glamour, comedy and family subjects to score hit after hit. Even with big heroes they continued to use same formula and did wonders.

While Anil Ravipudi is a director who moulded himself on EVV, he took glamour lesson from KRR and got inspired by Pellam Oorelthe of SVK for F2.

KRR at the 50 days function of 80 crores share double blockbuster said, "I am happy that Anil follows comedy the formula of telling a story with comedy. I can enjoy his movies without any problem. Laughing keep is fitter than gym!"

He continued, "F2 started as a small film and as it is the only hit for Sankranthi, it could cash on every thing. Anil for the first time showed heroines glamorous and I like that."

SVK said, "Anil at an event told me that he is taking my Pellam Oorelthe as inspiration for his next. Very few have the guts to say so. I am happy that movie became such a big hit. I used to think about whether the lines were funny or if they were not. If they were funny, movie is a hit, if they were not movie will be flop. When there is comedy, audience will follow that magic but don't see logic!"

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