Selva Raghavan Is Unique Says NGK Star Suriya

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South Indian Star hero, Suriya decided to go for a complete political thriller after Gang and his new movie NGK took 2 years to complete and it is finally releasing on 31st May.

Talking to Telugu media at Hyderabad, Suriya said, "I am delighted to have worked with an unique talent like Selva sir. I'm his fan and waited to work with him for 19 years.

It is like a meditation to work with him. His sets are silent and everyone should be in the mood of the scene we are doing that day.

He might be not in form but that doesn't mean he can never comeback. MS Dhoni too had such phase but he is unique and was treated similarly. Today, he is back in form.

Selva sir will deliver a different experience with NGK and it will be different from all political films, you have ever seen. I can say for sure that his vision will pull into the world he created.

This film feels more realistic than one can imagine and he got many things close to what you see everyday. It is not biopical and it has elements that connect universally."

Suriya concluded by saying that he feels the movie will be something people would love to talk about for years to come.


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