See How Modi Outwitted Shaheenbagh Protesters?

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That's typical Modi style. At a time when Shaheenbagh protests are reaching a crescendo and a concerted media campaign has been unleashed against him, Prime Minister Modi did the unthinkable. Without much ado, he went to the Hunar Haat, a skill bazaar, on display in Delhi on Wednesday. The Hunar Haat was organised by the Minority Welfare department of the Central Government and has a large number of  Muslims participating in it.

Modi walked into the haat and began meeting the Muslim artisans. Soon, a large number of Muslim artisans gathered around him greeting and wishing him. He shook hands with them, sat on the chairs made by an artisan and even had Bihari multi-grain delicacy Sattu ki Litti and tea in a Kulhad (an earthen cup). What more, Modi paid for the tea and the litti from his pocket. He paid Rs 120 for two Littis and Rs 40 for the tea. He also paid for his ministerial colleague Muqtar Abbas Naqvi, who accompanied him. By moving around the Hunar Haat for over 50 minutes, Modi showed that not every Muslim was opposed and that the average Muslims were not part of the divisive Shaheenbagh agitation, propped up by communal elements.

Modi also did not forget to tweet about the visit. He also posted images of his interactions with the artisans from the minority community. Clever strategy indeed! He has reached out to the Muslims, showed he is pally with them and also ignored the agitating ranks in Shaheenbagh.
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