Secret Deal Took Place Between Pawar and Modi?

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The political moves and action plans in Maharashtra is taking an unexpected twist day by day. This scenario has shocked not only the politicians and also the normal public. Reportedly one more twist took place in the state as per the reports.

Recently, Sharad Pawar met Prime Minister Narendra Modi to explain to him about the agricultural crisis in the state. The insider reports claim that a secret deal was made between the leaders.

In a quick turn of events NCP leader Ajit Pawar supported BJP party and with this Devendra Fadnavis was sworn in as the CM of Maharashtra and Ajit as his Deputy. NCP has lashed out at Ajit for cheating them and forming the collation government.

After this political twists in the state, Sharad's daughter Supriya Sule's Whatsapp status created a sensation in political circles as the status is aimed at Ajit Pawar."Who do you trust in life…never felt so cheated in my life… defended him, loved him…look what I get in return," read the status.

Interestingly, it is speculated that Sharad Pawar is offered 'President of India' post from the saffron party. This news created a debate in the political circles as to how can both the parties NCP and BJP which are quite opposite can work together.

To know whether this news is correct or not, we may have to wait a few more days.
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