Congress 95, TDP 14, TJS & CPI Get 10!

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Congress Party made it official that only 24 seats will be offered to three Alliance Partners of Grand Alliance. Which means, The National Party will be contesting in as many as 95 out of 119 seats in the upcoming Assembly Polls in Telangana.

Telugu Desam Party was offered 14 Assembly Seats where Andhra Settlers & Kamma Voters can be influential. Telangana Jana Samithi and CPI will have to share 10 seats among themselves.

Chandrababu Naidu is more than happy to accept 14 seats. Even CPI won't complain much even if it's been offered anywhere close to 5 seats. Whether or not TJS is willing to accept 5 or 6 seats after demanding 25 to 30 seats? How does Congress convince Prof.Kodandaram? If all the three parties accept the seats they were offered, That will be the first success of Grand Alliance. Any kind of revolt from TJS will eventually help TRS win record number of seats.
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