Satellite Kingpins Enter Digital Market To Counter Prime

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Amazon Prime has become major threat to Theatrical run of a film than piracy and Netflix. People want to know when a Telugu film will release on Amazon Prime before the release of the film.

Satellite Kingpins like Sun TV, Zee TV, Star Maa saw dip in viewership for their TV premieres and producers due to the agreement with Prime, couldn't really extend theatrical run of their hit films.

The solution for the problem of people getting accustomed to waiting for OTT release of a film seems to be here, however if it is temporary or permanent, we have to wait and decide.

Solution is very simple - sell digital rights to Satellite channels and producers can then be assured that the TV channels will look closely at the run of the films and then decide on streaming and telecast plans, as they go by dynamics of market than contracts.  

Recent films' digital rights are being sold to Star's Hotstar and Sun TV's SunNext with satellite rights to the parent channels. This limits profit of producers but they want to collect the money lost from Overseas market as digital release of a film is hurting them more in US and other markets.

Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo, Disco Raja, V, Ruler and Bheeshma will release on SunNext and Prathi Roju Pandage will be available on Hotstar. Except for Sarileru Neekevvaru none of the recent releases have deals with Amazon Prime, as far as we know.

If the market continues to boycott them, Prime might come up with more flexible contracts and clauses as per the demands of Telugu Producers.

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