Fact Sheet: Sara's Makeover Worth Remembering!

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Several Film Celebrities who transformed into fitness freaks had faced weight issues at some point in their life either due to health complications or slow metabolism rate. Sara Ali Khan is one such celeb who isn't blessed to be slim until few years ago because of PCOS. There was a phase in her life where she weighed almost 100 kgs. A lot of effort has been put by her to lose all the excess flab and bring down the weight to under 60 kgs.

While sharing her throwback pic in which she appeared so fat, Sara wrote: 'Throw Back to when I couldn't be thrown'.

Posting the recent photoshoot scans, This 'Simmba' Beauty captioned it: 'The question isn’t who's going to let me; its who's going to stop me?'.

Watching these two pictures makes anyone realize what Sara Ali Khan has gone through to become what she is Today. A Makeover Worth Remembering!
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