Sara Ali Khan's Kedarnath Surprises Trade With Collections

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Sara Ali Khan's debut film, Kedarnath did not get favourable reviews and it also failed to impress South Indian audiences.

The Word of Mouth is weak in Telugu states and Tamil Nadu but it seems to be working well with North Indian audiences.  

Movie showcasing Kedarnath floods and a love story of Muslim boy and a Hindu girl is said to be entertaining audiences better than trade expected after the reviews.

It surprised many by collecting 50 crores in the first week and looking to cross 75 before Zero arrives on 21st December.

The first weekend fetched it Rs. 19.50 crores and it is performing better in USA than other Overseas markets.  

Sara Ali Khan has debuted with a hit at box office and she is expected to get a big commercial hit with Rohit Shetty and Ranveer Singh's Simmbaa releasing on 28th December.

If Simmbaa also collects big, then she could be seen as a competition for Alia Bhatt in coming years.

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