Sancharita shocks Ashok Gajapati Raju with her decision

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Former TDP MP Ashok Gajapati Raju who was once the Union Minister for Civil Aviation faced a jolt from her own daughter Sanchita who supported the 'Three Capitals' decision of the AP government.

Interestingly the former MP, who hails from the Royal family of the Vizayanagaram princely state has supported the stand of TDP to have Amaravati as the state capital and even urged the state government to not have three capitals as it will hinder the growth of the state.

As Mr. Raju enjoys a great following and popularity in Vijayanagaram, he held an exercise to collect signatures to support the campaign against the three capitals. In the exercise as a shock to the former MP his daughter said she supports the 'Three Capitals' move.

She went on to say that she supports Jagan and extended her support to make Vishakapatnam as the executive capital as with this the state will get develop largely.

Her statements created a sensation in the political circles as when her father is with Amaravati, how can she support the government's idea.
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