Samantha Stuns The Fans With Her Jaw-Dropping Stunts

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Almost every heroine will do workouts every day to maintain a fit body. But there is only a few actresses who is actually fitness freaks and Samantha Akkineni is definitely the first on that list.

The actress has surprised the fans with her daredevil stunts a bunch of times already. Now, she is doing it all over again. It is known that balancing our body entirely with our two hands is not an easy task. It would be even more difficult for moving upward just with the support of hands and the arms should be super fit to pull off such stunts. But, Akkineni daughter-in-law has pulled off that stunt with ease. ''Never be afraid to try new things .. you will be surprised at what you're capable of .. loving parkour @abhinavparkour #mightymouse'' captioned Samantha posting a video of her doing that stunt. The video is now going viral on the internet.

On the movie front, Samantha recently a scored a super hit with 'Oh Baby' movie and is currently busy with '96' Telugu remake.

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