Samantha Gives A Time For Her Becoming A Mother!

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Samantha Akkineni is trolled for being expressive, wearing skimpy clothes and some Akkineni fans shame her in the name of family legacy.

As if she has only one job to become mother, many ask about her plans to rise kids and about their arrival.

While she tries to answer with her wit to many questions, she decided to give a sarcastic reply to a question about her kids.

She said that she will become a mother on 7th August at 7:00 AM in 2022. She just seems to have had enough of all this bashing and trolls for being herself.

Rather than judging her off-screen behaviour and making it obvious that a woman has no work but to become a mother and look after home, it is better to let her be.

With such questions we just show our own hollowness. Samantha though showed that she won't be keeping quite at all if the trend continues.
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