Salman Khan's Death Sentence Announced

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A Student Union threatening Salman Khan with dire consequences on social media has become a sensation. Never been before death sentence of the Bollywood Superstar was announced in such a manner on the social media.

Sharing a crossed picture of the 'Dabangg' Actor on the Facebook page of Student Organisation of Punjab University (Sopu), Gairi Shooter wrote: 'Salman, think, you can save yourself from Indian law, however, Vishnoi Samaj and Sopu Party has announced death sentence for you. You are an accused in Sopu's court. Salaam sahid da nu; Respect girls; Save animals; Avoid drugs & help poors; Sukha kahlon Garry'.

This controversial post arrived days before the next hearing of Salman Khan's black buck killing case on September 27th. Following the threat issued by Sopu, Cops had initiated investigation and tightened the security of the Superstar.

Salman Khan was sentenced to 5-year imprisonment in the black buck killing case. He is currently out on bail. During the previous hearing, The Court cautioned that bail will be cancelled if Salman doesn't appear before it for the next hearing. So, The Actor has already made up his mind to arrive to the court on 27th of September.

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