This Hero Behind The Story Idea Of The Hit Film!

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In recent days, heroes are getting involved in the film right from the story discussions stage. Some heroes are penning the stories by themselves and 'Supreme' hero Sai Tej falls under this category.

A lot of hard work goes behind making a film. Producers and hero too take part in the creative process along with writers and the director. In Tollywood, a hero has a lot of prominence while making the script. We often hear about our heroes giving inputs to the directors which may or may not have worked in the film favor. But Sai's input reportedly worked out well and brought success to him as well as the director. If you didn't find out already, we are talking about 'Prathi Roju Pandage'.

Director Maruti revealed that the central idea of the film belonged to Sai Tej. The idea was later developed by Maruti, Allu Aravind and others it seems. The film which released recently got positive talk and is minting good collections at the box-office. This way, Sai Tej came up with the idea of parents missing their kids which made way for 'Prathi Roju Pandage'.

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