Has Ayyappa Swami Ensured CPM Fefeat In Kerala?

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The CPM finds itself on the crossroads with no clue as to which way to go. The party has received the worst drubbing ever. It got just three MP seats, two of which are from Tamil Nadu and courtesy the DMK. Had there been no alliance in Tamil Nadu, the CPM would have ended up with just one MP, the lowest ever tally. Unfortunately for the party, there are no hopes that the things will improve in future.

The CPM is doing serious soul searching as to whether the dictatorial and terrorising methods it used to curb the Save Sabarimala movement were responsible for the party's complete rout in Kerala. It is now realising that the Hindu anger was chiefly against the CPM and the people voted against it in a big way. The party leadership is also shocked to see that while Hindus have moved away from the party, the minorities have not come any closer to the CPM. This meant that both the Hindus , Muslims and Christians have deserted the party. The result? The party could win just one seat.

The party is now mulling ways and means to win back the confidence of the Hindu society. It now wants to go soft on Sabarimala issue and take some action on Pinarayi Vijayan. It feels Pinarayi's adamant attitude has alienated the Hindus away from the CPM.
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