Saaho Turns Out To Be A Sensation In V Epiq!

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Saaho might have been running with a mixed talk and revenues are diminishing in various areas but North market in India is responding to the movie like they never did for any South Indian film.

They are watching the movie for Prabhas and it is obvious with how critics have dissed the movie that it may not have long run even there.

But in Sullurpeta, Nellore, the V Epiq theatre with largest screen in Telugu states, is able to turn a sensational profit with Saaho.

Local residents and film enthusiasts from nearby villages, towns are thonging to the theatre and they want to witness the biggest action film from India on the largest screen.

Hence, with just one theater gross Saaho was able to cross Baahubali-2 figure in Sullurpeta and the craze for the screen seems to increase than diminish.

Sye Raa, RRR and other biggies might be looking at the theater as the lucrative opportunity. UV Creations seems to have been able to make money in some or the way as the theatre belongs to their exhibition division.
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