Saaho Increases Respect For Baahubali!

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Baahubali is a distinction in Telugu Cinema and Indian Cinema as well. It might not be a classic or it might be for a viewer.

But the way, it connected to audiences and created love for its characters, no one can deny that it is an achievement.

It showed that devoid of language, a film can go beyond limits of hatred, prejudice and borders to unite people in loving a story. Prabhas gained a lot from this film and SS Rajamouli proved that his conviction to believe in emotions is better than any other director.

Prabhas gave time and even bigger budget to young director, Sujeeth but the movie Saaho got mixed response all over India. Still it is getting collections and that is all thanks to story telling of SSR.

Aamir Khan tried Thugs of Hindosthan, Karnataka Cinema tried Kurukshetra, Tamil Cinema's legend Shankar tried to give a sci-fi epic 2.0, but none could repeat success of Baahubali.

Only KGF Chapter 1 could connect with audiences as the story telling was unique and emotional connect was high. It is not easy to aim for skies as we need to know how to fly as well.

Saaho, increased the respect of audiences and trade for Baahubali more as it showed that the best possible way to make people go to theaters is by emotional connect and not just grandeur.

Saaho makers must be cursing and thanking Baahubali for forcing them to go big at the same time giving them some chance at recovery.

SS Rajamouli helped Indian Cinema to see the potential, it is leaving untapped. Soon, Sye Raa and RRR going to try their hand at Pan-India success. We hope Rajamouli succeeds again with RRR and make his Baahubali proud again.

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