Saaho Girl Shraddha Kapoor Causes Glam Flood!

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Saaho is coming out on 30th August and the movie advance bookings are on full-swing. People are fighting for tickets all over and are spending as much they can to watch the film on the first day or during the first weekend.

As Prabhas has taken all the onus upon himself to promote the film, Shraddha Kapoor is either accompanying him or releasing some hot updates on Internet.

Some or the other way, the buzz for the movie is not reducing but building up like a huge skyscraper as tall as Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Shraddha Kapoor some elegant pics on Instagram from her latest collection and we are stunned to see how flawless is her beauty.

In a thick green gown she looks stunning and even her poses add to the glamour of the picture like rain water adding to the river water causing a flood. This is just a glam flood from Shraddha Kapoor.
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