Reason Behind Sujeeth's Absence In Media

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Amidst sky high expectations, Prabhas starrer Saaho has hit the screens on August 30. Despite a heavy budget and huge star cast, the film failed to live up to the hype and gained a negative talk right from show one. One man who was blamed the most for this massive failure is the film's director Sujeeth.

Everyone pointed out that Sujeeth wasted a golden opportunity of directing Prabhas right for his second film. The director was not on the public radar since the release and we now hear that the young director is down with dengue. Apparently, the count of blood platelets lowered in his body and the doctors declared it as dengue fever.

Sujeeth is currently taking rest at his home and that is the reason why he hasn't been seen in media for all these days. So, it is time for all the viewers to stop criticizing Sujeeth and wish him to recover soon. Get well soon Sujeeth!
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