Ruler Theatrical Run Officially Comes To An End!

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Nandamuri Balakrishna cannot help himself at times, as he speaks something too outlandish or stutters while speaking or sometimes speaks without knowing everything about a topic and he gets trolled for that.

The actor seems to have taken it as buzz for his actions than satires and comments on his actions, which indicates that he needs to change.

Well, he said in many interviews that his Tony Stark look, brought a lot of buzz for Ruler and said that his director, K.S Ravikumar was amazed by the response, as he was opposing to such look.

But actually, the look got trolled more than likes and that showed in the collections of first day of Ruler. Even though movie team tried to build some buzz with Balakrishna's energetic dances and dialogues, in teaser, film never found any traction among public.

After release, it just ended up as another embarrassing film for NBK. Movie struggled to collect Rs. 8 crores share in 14 days and the tall claims of the team, that the movie will run even during Sankranthi festival, found baseless.

The movie couldn't recover even 40% of the pre-release buzz and 2019, for Balakrishna became an year, which he might want to forget soon.

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