Rude shock to TDP as 5 MLCs defy diktat

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Though the TDP managed to put the YSRCP on the mat in the Legislative Council by enforcing Rule No 71 on the three capitals bill, it was in for a rude shock as it also exposed the chinks in the TDP armour. One TDP MLC resigned from his post ahead of the voting, two TDP MLCs voted against the party's diktat. Two more TDP MLCs absented themselves from voting. The TDP also failed to muster support from the other Opposition members. As many as 9 members remained neutral.

TDP MLA and former MLA Dokka Manikya Varaprasad administered a shock to the TDP when he sent in his resignation from the council. He did it ahead of the crucial discussion on Rule 71. Though Dokka said he was resigning in protest against the shifting of capital from Amaravati, the timing of his resignation has left the TDP rattled. He also said he would not contest any direct elections in future.  Similarly, two more MLAs Samanthaka Mani and Satrucharla have abstained from the polling. Two more MLAs, Pothula Sunitha and Sivnath Reddy went a step ahead and voted against the TDP move. With this, a the total number of TDP MLCs who disobeyed Chandrababu's diktat has come to 5.

As many as 27 MLCs voted with the TDP, while 11 voted against. Nine members remained neutral. The total strength of the TDP is 32, of which only 27 voted for it.
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