Role of Boyapati In Pushkarams?: YCP In Assembly

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During the ongoing Assembly Sessions, YCM Members sought a clarification from TDP over the role of Boyapati Seenu during Godavari Pushkarams.

Ruling Party MLAs Jogi Ramesh and Jakkampudi Raja questioned, 'Who asked Boyapati to shoot at that spot? Is it Chandrababu Naidu??? What is the role of Boyapati in Pushkarams? 29 People were killed in the stampede. Action wasn't taken on at least one person inspite of such huge tragedy. Previous Government is responsible for the deaths of devotees'.

Endowment Minister Vellampally Srinivas assured the formation of Cabinet Sub-Committee to investigate the stampede episode during Godavari Pushkarams.

There were allegations on the TDP Government that Boyapati Seenu was shooting Ads/Documentary with Nara Family and this resulted in the stampede at the entrance. The Filmmaker, however, denied shooting anything at the Pushkar Ghat on that particular day. TDP Government formed a committee to find out the reason behind the stampede but no action was taken by it.

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