PK Is Now Package-Cum-Alliance Kalyan

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All of a sudden, Pawan Kalyan went to New Delhi and stayed in the capital for two days for obtaining the appointment of BJP National-level Leaders. This Meeting had eventually paved way for the alliance between Jana Sena and BJP. The recent meeting between JSP and BJP Leaders in Vijayawada was just a formality before making the official announcement.

As expected, There were mixed reactions on the tie-up between Jana Sena and BJP. Nagari MLA RK Roja opined Pawan Kalyan has become Package-cum-Alliance Kalyan. She added, 'PK floated Jana Sena for obtaining package. He kept on forming alliances for his survival. That is the reason why people ensured his defeat in Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka. Can't understand why BJP formed an alliance with such a party. Alliance with JSP will be of no use at all'.

Most people feel that the timing of alliance between Jana Sena and BJP isn't appropriate. Alliances which are formed in the best interest of public will be appreciated. At the same time, Voters are clever enough to reject Opportunistic Politicians. For now, There is no strong reason behind the new alliance. Whether or not the new alliance partners could win the trust of Andhrites in the coming years is going to be the key.
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