Roja Lashes out at Lokesh and Balakrishna

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A heated debate started in the AP Assembly over the safety of the women in the state. While speaking on this YSRCP MLA, who won from the Nagari constituency has lashed out severely on Lokesh, Balakrishna and former CM Chandrababu Naidu.

"She wondered why the opposition is creating a scene while talking about women's safety. She said they are in the fear that their 'Call Money Sex Rocket' might get exposed. She alleged that the TDP leaders have brought almost 200 people in the sex rocket. They are fearing if we discuss on the photos of Lokesh with girls. There is no need of discussing Balakrishna. She said Balakrishna is the kind of man who thinks of making women pregnant. Why is Chandrababu Naidu backing his party leaders?," she fired a series of questions and made allegations on the yellow party leaders.


She said AP CM Jagan has given special importance to women's safety. Jagan gave Deputy CM post to an SC woman. It’s not good that Naidu is creating a disturbance when we are talking about women's safety. Knowing their nature, the AP voters have given the opposition status to the party.

She made fun of Lokesh that Naidu is worried only about onions in Lokesh's dal. If he has daughters he would have known the value of women. He is creating obstacles to the discussions, as he has no daughters.

She added that when she was watching Bahubali, women clapped for the scene where Prabhas cut the head of a person who touched his wife. Everyone welcomes the decision of punishing culprits who harras women.
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