In Talk: Roja Aiming For 'Local' Support!

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RK Roja got elected as Nagari MLA in the past two Assembly Elections. It can be said that she was lucky enough to become a Legislator because of the slight majority she could manage. While the majority was just 858 votes in 2014, She received not more than 2,708 votes in 2019 inspite of the YCP wave and internal disputes in Telugu Desam. Anything could have happened had if the TDP Candidates tried a bit hard in the last few days before polling.

It is known that Roja was denied Cabinet Berth due to the Caste & Constituency Equations. In the end, She had to be content with the APIIC Chairman post. Attaining Low Majority in both the elections showed the lack of strong grip on Nagari constituency. This might be one of the reasons why Roja wasn't able to grab the Ministry in the first phase of cabinet expansion.

In her first term as MLA, There was criticism on Roja for offering more importance to TV Shows rather than Constituency issues. She seems to have learnt lessons and decided against becoming a part of any shows other than Jabardasth. Roja even took up many development activities in Nagari after becoming APIIC Chairman. She had also constructed a permanent home in Nagari to stay in touch with the people of the constituency. All these measures will improve the local support and fetch more number of votes than what she managed in the previous two elections. Which means, It might be a hat-trick!

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