Right Wings Strategic Silence On George Reddy

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Usually the Right Wing groups are very active when they do not like something. Not only they make no bones about it, but they even take to streets, breath fire in the debates and even go violent. But, for the film George Reddy, based on the life of the Left wing student leader, they seem to have made an exception.

The right wing organisations seem to have taken a conscious decision not to join the debates on TVs. Though there was a concerted effort to promote the film through TV debates and panel discussions in all the major TV channels, neither the ABVP, nor the BJP leaders showed any inclination to join them. The regular panellists have declined the offers to participate the debates on TVs. The reason? They strongly feel that the Left-backed film team is itching for a debate. The more fiery the debate is, the better the publicity would be for the film. The debates are sure to get acrimonious and this will ignite passions. So, the right wingers have consciously decided not to give that leeway to the Left groups backing the film.

With no star power and no special appeal, the film will come, go and then quickly fade away like any other small-budget films. But, if the ABVP and other groups go ballistic, the film will become the talking point. "We know who George Reddy is. He is the father of the violent politics on campuses. He had stabbed many of our workers and was so cruel that he had disembowelled our workers. But, we are not going to make an issue of it as we don't want to make him a hero and the namesake film a cult film. We know that the Leftists in the media are trying to whip up old passions. We don't want to fall into the trap," said a senior ABVP leader. Will ABVP-BJP strategy pay off? Let's wait and see.
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