Revanth Reddy Says KCR Has Life Threat From KTR

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Revanth Reddy joined Congress as beforrle elections as Telangana TDP became almost non-existent by 2018 elections. He is facing multiple cases on corruption charges but he is still aggressively campaigning against KCR and he shifted his focus to KTR, now.

The political leader said that he has his own doubts about KTR's intentions and he fears for KCR's life.

He made these comments at an event where Gaddiannaram Market Committee Ex-Chairman, Rajasekhar Reddy joined Congress in Hyderabad.

Revanth Reddy went on to say that KTR is power hungry and the way there is a war going on, within the family for power, he suspects that  KTR during the night time, will try to kill his father in sleep.

He asked KCR to be aware of his own family and also expressed concern on Telangana state future if KTR becomes CM. He also asked KCR to ask KTR to vacate Pragathi Bhavan, immediately.

As the reports from TRS party office are indicating that KTR could become CM of Telangana State and KCR, either retire or try to spread his party influence for National level politics,  Revanth Reddy made these comments at Congress event.
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