Offer Me MP Ticket, Or Else I Will Resign!

Renukha Chowdhary was known to be Congress Loyalist. She served as Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha MP in the past, maintained good relations with Sonia Gandhi for decades. Such a leader made shocking comments during the interaction with Congress Workers in Khammam.

Addressing the partymen, Renukha Chowdhary announced: 'I wish to contest from Khammam Lok Sabha Constituency in 2019 Elections. Won't even hesitate to tender my resignation to Congress if the MP Ticket was denied to Me'.  

Mahakutami was able to do well only in the Khammam District during the recent Assembly Polls. That is why there is heavy competition in Congress Party for this Khammam Parliament Ticket.

Victory won't be a cakewalk for Congress in Khammam Lok Sabha Constituency. KCR and KTR has been focussing more on Khammam District after the setback in Assembly Polls. The situation will be in favour of TRS if KCR contests from Khammam Lok Sabha Segment.