Renu Desai Fires On Netizen For Using 'F**K'

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Celebrities have become the soft s of Netizens due to the social media revolution. Everyone has got an opinion and there is nothing wrong about it, but one should be able to convey it in a decent manner without hurting others.

Responding on the TV Show of Renu Desai on Farmers issues, A Netizen placed the post: 'Lol. I am a son of Farmer and I personally did farming for about 2 Decades. What F**k are you guys doing for Farmers? Nothing!! Just doing make-up and doing drama in front of the camera for little money'.

In response, Renu Desai opined it becomes a Breaking News & everybody starts trolling if a Celebrity uses 'Fuck' while talking about a common man but nobody cares if a normal person abuses a Celebrity in such a manner. She questioned, 'Whether a Celebrity has to bear the harassment silently? Can anybody speak about a Celeb as per their wish? A Common Man have feelings and sentiments. Shouldn't a Celebrity have them? Imagine how it would be if someone abuses you on daily basis. It doesn't matter whether I am doing the show for money or fame or some other reason, What matters is my intention to create awareness about farmers issues. Hope, Faceless Netizens who troll celebs realise their mistakes some day and invest their energy on good work rather than on abusing somebody'.

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