Just Coincidence, Not Politically-Motivated: Renu

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Renu Desai meeting Farmers in Kurnool District for a show to be aired by Sakshi TV when Pawan Kalyan was touring the same region became a hot topic. The Former Actress clarified her tour was no way related to the politics. Still, The negativity hasn't stopped and hence she decided to put an end to baseless speculations.

Yet again, Renu Desai clarifies: 'There were many speculations based on Kurnool district tour of Myself and Pawan Kalyan guru. Actually, Planning for my tour was done two months ago. I was supposed to visit the place one week go but It got delayed due to few issues. It's just a coincidence that Pawan and Myself toured Kurnool at the same time'.

The Actress-turned-Director explained that she wishes to make a feature film on farmers issues and that is why a farmers-based show was attempted by her for in-depth understanding of the problems they face. She questioned, 'If I wish to join any political party, What is the need for Me to maintain any secrecy? Few workless & mindless people are talking rubbish. Why do they want to create a scene when I am working for a good cause?'.

Upon knowing that Pawan Kalyan was also touring Kurnool district, Renu Desai sent a message to Akira Nandan to inform about it. The Teenager felt very happy knowing that his Father and Mother are in the same town. 'Why should it be an issue for anybody else if we have nothing to complain? Few media houses has become a headache for Me,' she commented.
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