Can't Live Without Her...I Would Die: Renu Desai

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Renu Desai took part in the Talk Show 'Alitho Saradaga' hosted by Ali as a celebrity guest. The Former Actress admitted she doesn't like her name and prefer Revathi or Reva instead. She also got emotional while sharing that her Father hadn't come to see her in the hospital after the delivery as he wants a baby boy. 'Today, I am lucky to have Aadya as My Daughter. Can't live without her...I would die,' she said.

Ali recalled the days when he ate Pani Puri along with Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai while shooting for 'Johnny'. The Comedian disclosed that both he and Pawan starred at her with blank faces when she spoke in Marathi with the owner of the shop.

Renu revealed romantic sequence-cum-fight with Pawan in the house when Kota and his Wife returns to India was the first scene she shot for 'Badri'.

Asked if she is the highest-paid Editor, Renu Desai replied: 'I had done editing for Kushi and Johnny. Not even a single rupee was paid to Me. Surya, AM Ratnam and My Ex-Husband Kalyan garu are the proof for it'.

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