Renu Desai Fires On Netizens

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Former actress Renu Desai has turned a red eye, storming that she doesn't need a lecture on voting doesn't want to be tagged in their personal pictures. This was an infuriated response caused by the fans who were continuously disturbing her because of the AP election.

After casting their votes, few fans have posted the pictures of Pawan Kalyan on her wall with quotes in support of Janasena. Fed-up with these, she took here Instagram handle and responded to them. ''I'm going to use my right to vote in Pune on 23rd of April. Please stop sending messages. And I don't need lectures on the importance of the vote. Please don't tag me in your pictures with the inked finger.  I'll vote to the person I like on 23rd" posted Renu Desai.

On the career front, she started broadcasting a show that focuses on the suicides and problems of farmers in Andhra Pradesh
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