Renu Desai Expresses Dismay At Fans!

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If anyone has been at the receiving end of the unwanted fan attention, then it is Renu Desai. She has been constantly asking Pawan Kalyan fans to refrain from calling her names and also involving too much into her personal life.

The actress has no problem in talking about her work, future plans, children but she drew line when it comes divulging too much information about daily activities and privacy of her fiance.

She said that she wants to protect the privacy of her would-be and she won't disclose his identity unless she feels it is safe for them to talk about it.

She came to live with fans and when they started getting too nosy, she asked them to not push her too much but no one really cared for her protests.

She shouted back at them and asked them to stop stalking her and asked them let live her life as she is supposed to.

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