Why TG Bharat Did Not Follow TG Venkatesh Into BJP?

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TV Venkatesh is one politician who adept in knowing which side of the bread the butter is. He changes parties and is always on the winning side. Not just that! He also grabs plum posts whenever he changes parties.

He was Kurnool MLA while in TDP. Then he moved the Congress and became a minister. Before 2014 elections he joined the TDP again and got the party ticket. He lost the elections, but soon, he was made Rajya Sabha MP. With the BJP coming to power at the Centre, he has quietly moved to the BJP. But, this time around, there is something very interesting. TG Venaktesh joined the BJP, but not his son TG bharat.  TG Bharat joined the TDP ahead of the 2019 elections, got a ticket from Kurnool, but lost the election in Jagan wave. When TG, the senior, joined the BJP, one expected Bharat to follow him. But, not only Bharat did stay back in the TDP, he even made it known to everyone that he will stay with the TDP only. He called up Nara Lokesh to tell him that he would not go to the BJP and that he would be loyal to the TDP. Poll pundits say that this is a well-thought out strategy. TG knows that Muslims constitute a large chunk of the voters in Kurnool and if TG Bharat joins the BJP, he would risk losing Muslim votes completely. This would mean political hara-kiri for someone who is quite young and has lot of politics in him. So, he stayed back in the BJP. He is trying to show that he can follow his path and not toe his dad's line.

That’s clever political game, where father and son have best of both the worlds.