For What Did Pawan Shifted Direction?

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Pawan Kalyan began his Porata Yatra from Uttar Andhra & then moved to Godavari Districts. There is a specific reason why Jana Sena has been concentrating more on these five districts. It's because of the caste equations & solid fan base.

Political Opponents continue to accuse Pawan Kalyan of using the caste factor as a weapon for his political aspirations. They complain that is why PK had declared few days ago that Godavari District are the heart of Jana Sena.

In response to the criticism, Pawan Kalyan decided leave Godavari Districts & shift focus to Rayalaseema. Jana Sena will hold kavathu in Anantapur on December 2nd. Pawan would stay in the backward district for few days to monitor the drought situation.

So far, Jana Sena Party hasn't disclosed the route map of PK's tour. Nobody knows if he would conduct Porata Yatra in Rayalaseema or whether the tour will last for not more than 2-3 days.

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