Why Only Babu Has Problems With EVMs?

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Usually, it's opposition that cries over EVMs and the Election Commission. But, Andhra Pradesh seems to be a rare exception. Here the ruling party is wailing and wallowing about the EVMs and the Election Commission, while the Opposition YSCRP seems to have no complaints at all. What more, the Jana Sena too did not complain about the EVMs. In fact, post-elections, Pawan Kalyan is the most silent person. He has not even issued a statement thanking the voters.

But, look at Chandrababu, he has been going round the town telling about the faulty EVMs and the alleged 'bias' of the election commission. So far, no other political party that participated in the first phase of the polling have lodged any complaint against the EVMs. Thus, Chandrababu is ending up making himself a laughing stock in the eyes of the people at large. To add to his woes, there are reports that the leaders of several North Indian parties have been trying to begin talks with YS Jagan. None from North India has approached Chandrababu till now.
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