Rayalaseema People Ask Kanna to do silent protest in Tirupati

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BJP State President for Andhra Kanna Lakshmi Narayana went for silent protest today morning at 8:30 at Uddhandarayunipalem where PM Modi has done the Bhoomipuja for the capital city. He went for protest opposing the government's decision to have three capitals.


Looks like this decision did not go well with the Rayalaseema people. "Mr. Kanna Lakshmia Narayan when are you going for a silent protest in Tirupati?," the public asked Kanna.

If we look back at the past, BJP-TDP had an ally during the 2014 general elections. Modi started the election campaign from Tirupati assuring the public that the state will be given special status.

At the meeting, Modi said that the BJP party will help the state to build a capital better than Delhi. He promised that State will be granted special status in the same meeting. After the elections both BJP and TDP changed their stand on the special status.

The public is asking Kanna who is telling the government not to change the government to change the capital from where Modi has performed the Bhoomipuja to go for a silent protest in Tirupati where Modi has assured the special status.
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