Maddali Siva Reddy...Nijamgane MP Ayya!

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Ravi Kishan got elected as Gorakhpur MP with over 3 lakh majority against the SP-BSP Candidate by contesting on BJP Ticket in the 2019 Elections. The other day, He took oath as an MP in the Lok Sabha.

Ever since then, Ravi Kishan's Oath Taking has become a most discussed topic on the social media. A lot of people recalled his oath-taking sequence as Maddali Siva Reddy in 'Race Gurram'. A video drawing comparison between Race Gurram Oath Taking and Real Oath Taking is in circulation.

Few Netizens placed comments such as 'Lok Sabha Lo Maddali Siva Reddy' and 'Maddali Siva Reddy...Anukunnadi Sadinchav Po'.

What Ravi Kishan does to the people of Gorakhpur Constituency? This is a great opportunity for the Bhogpuri Star to become a hero in real life.

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