Only 4% Votes In 2014! Can This Actor Win In 2019?

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Bhojpuri Superstar Ravi Kishan contested 2014 Lok Sabha Polls from Jaunpur Constituency on Congress Candidate. He could bag only 4 percent of total votes polled in that election inspite of contesting in a Bhojpuri stronghold.

Ravi Kishan admits paying the price by contesting 2014 Polls due an emotional commitment to an individual. He believes Modi-wave has defeated him in the previous election.

And now, BJP fielded Ravi Kishan as its MP Candidate in Gorakhpur Constituency which was represented by UP CM Yogi Adityanath in the past. He claims to be feeling very fortunate to receive the ticket of such a prestigious constituency.

Ravi Kishan is confident of Modi Wave fetching him the much needed success to him in politics. When quizzed if he would criticise Rahul Gandhi, The Actor told he needn't talk about anyone else other than PM Narendra Modi.

If he loses again, That will be the end of Ravi Kishan's political career. It's now or never kind of a situation for the 49-Year-Old..!
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