Anti-Kannada Comments: Ban On Rashmika?

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During the promotions of the Tamil version of 'Dear Comrade', The Interviewer expressed the view that dubbing for the Kannada Version could have been easy for Rashmika Mandanna as she hails from Karnataka. In reply, The Kannada Beauty said: 'Even that is also a difficult task for Me. Why because, I can't speak any language properly'.

This comment of Rashmika Mandanna hasn't gone down well with many Kannadigas. People of Karnataka wondered how could Rashmika say she can't speak Kannada correctly inspite of being born and brought up in their state.

It has gone to the extent of contemplating on filing a complaint with Kannada Film Council demanding ban on Rashmika Mandanna. Senior Kannada Actor Jaggesh found fault with the Actress saying she wouldn't have been in this position Today without the support of Kannadigas.

'Dear Comrade' Kannada Version might face release hurdles due to this controversy. Whether if Rashmika has done it deliberately to build the buzz is the other angle to it.

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