He's Not Pawan's Follower, But Jagan's Bhakt!

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The style of functioning of MLA Rapaka Varaprasad has been a headache to the Jana Sena Leadership. This Legislator of JSP kept violating the party stand on crucial matters, be it English Medium in Municipal Schools or any of the policy decisions.

On the eve of Chief Minister's birthday (December 21st), Rapaka Varaprasad offered palabhishekam to the photo of YS Jaganmohan Reddy at Handloom Celebrations in Mori Village in Sakhinetipally Mandal, East Godavari District. This isn't the first time Jana Sena MLA showed his loyalty to CM Jagan. In the past, He offered palabhishekam to the Chief Minister praising 'YSR Vahanamithra' which was helpful for Auto and Taxi Drivers.

Within short period after the elections, Rapaka Varaprasad conveyed a message that he isn't Pawan Kalyan's Follower by any chance and only wishes to be known as YS Jaganmohan Reddy's Bhakt. He himself declared there is a gap between him and the party high command. Jana Sena Leadership is neither in a position to suspend Rapaka nor take any disciplinary action. Why because, The party want at least one of its leader to represent it in the state assembly until the next elections.

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