Rapaka Continues To Irk Pawan Kalyan

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Looks like the Janasena sole MLA Rapaka Varaprasad Rao made it a habit to irk Janasena and its sympathizers. He never missed an opportunity to extend his support to the schemes introduced by CM Jagan.


Starting with supporting the introduction of English Medium in the government schools and government giving Rs 10,000 for the auto drivers to help them Rapaka took the government side comfortably.

In a much embarrassment to Janasena and Janasenani Rapaka even did Palabhishekam to Jagan's Flexi along with auto drivers which created a sensation in the political circles.

Rapaka even did not care the Pawan's letter in which Pawan said that all the leaders of the party should stand with the party's decision and not entertain any personal preferences.

Once more Rapaka hit the headlines when he moved closely with CM Jagan who came to Rajahmundry to inaugurate the first Disha Police Station in the state. Everyone wonders why Pawan is not taking any actions on Rapaka in spite of continuous rebel behavior.
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