Ranveer still rents a flat in Deepika's Apartment

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Ranveer Singh does some weird things while dressing in public for events. And he seems to have some weird choices in his lifestyle too.

The actor married Deepika Padukone after falling in love with her while working in three films, mostly love stories.

Now, we got to know a weird thing that he is still renting a flat in Deepika Padukone's apartment and he is paying Rs. 7.25 lakhs as rent for this flat, it seems.

Actress owns her flat and she paid Rs. 16 Crores, ten years ago and the actor continuing to set at the apartments in a flat that too for such high rent, seems weird.

Recently, Deepika shared that she is a foodie but takes enough care of how much to eat and what to eat. Ranveer immediately said that he personally feeds her in their private time.
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