Ranarangam Sound Cut: A Cult Material!

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Sound Cut of 'Ranarangam' unveiled by Ram Charan Today is marvelous to say the least. One gets the feeling of watching a Cult Flick while experiencing the flawless sound designing. You realize the actual importance of Background Score or Sound Design while viewing a scene or a film without dialogues. Hats off to Music Composer Prashant Pillai and Sound Designer Renganaath Ravee for achieving perfection in what they did!

Director Sudheer Varma succeeded in bringing out the best from his Cast & Crew. Visuals shot by Divakar Mani make you believe it's a classic film. BGM by Prashant Pillai has only elevated the whole impact. Production Design by Raveender is outstanding.

'Ranarangam' is based on the gang wars during the phase when liquor prohibition was implemented in NTR's regime. Sharwanand shines as hot-blooded youngster and a lover boy. Kalyani Priyadarshini plays a lovable character.

On this Independence Day, Be prepared to watch a very special film. Just 4 more days to go!

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