Ram Madhav's Tweet Causes Confusion

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Things do not seem to be going Ram Madhav's way. The sprightly young BJP hero is finding himself in the soup even when he sends well-meaning messages. Recently, in an interview to Bloomberg, he said the BJP will form the next government in association with the NDA partners. This indirectly meant that the BjP will not get a majority on its own. Naturally, BJP biggies in the party and the cadre did not take these comments kindly. Ram Madhav was left with a lot of explaining to do.

On Sunday, even as he cast his vote, Ram Madhav tweeted ''Voted, for continuity of change.'' Many in the party felt that Ram Madhav was hinting that the 'change will continue and Modi will go as part of it.'' Soon there was a whisper campaign against him. Ram Madhav perhaps did not realise that 'Vote for change'' is a Congress slogan and play of words created lot of confusion. Many felt that he was berating the party leaders' confidence in a thumping victory for the BJP.

Some wags in the party say that this criticism has got to do with Ram Madhav being a possible contender for the party president's post once Amit Shah joins the cabinet.
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