Both KCR & KTR Understands The Depth In It!

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Ram Gopal Varma announced KCR Biopic with the title 'Tiger KCR', tagline 'The Aggressive Gandhi' and quotation 'Aadu Telangana Thesthanante Andaru Navvindru'.

Admirers of KCR objected to the usage of word 'Aadu' while referring to the TRS Supremo. A Netizen has gone to the extent of commenting, 'Dobbey Nuvvu Nee Avakasavada Kampu'. While some people opined RGV has given respect to KCR as the word 'aada' is in Telangana Culture, Others opined Telangana doesn't mean KCR alone and Students, Employees, People & Harish Rao had done so much to fulfil the dream.

Varma offered an explanation for using such a word - 'It's meant in the perspective of those who looked down upon KCR before he achieved what he did. Am sure both KCR and KTR will understand the depth in that line'.

On the other hand, RGV lauded KCR and YSR for being the only politicians who has successfully groomed their children to be worthy of them. He declared that only great Political Leaders could create biological and ideological legacy. Needless to say, Varma ed Babu & Chinnababu here.
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